The new work environment requires security in the cloud

The new work environment requires security in the cloud

Storing data and working in environments located in the cloud is not an arbitrary trend, it has many benefits. But to enjoy these benefits, the cloud platform has to be secure and keep the integrity and privacy of our data safe.

At first there were carbon paper copies and filing cabinets. Offices were modernized and computing revolutionized work as digital transformation does today. From there we went to large spaces in which to store all the data and make constant backup copies.

Immersed as we are in the 4th Industrial Revolution, the flow of data is immensely large when compared to previous decades. And where does all this data go? To the cloud, keeping the offices free of this burden and offering secure online environments. In addition, any worker will be able to consult data from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day, just with an internet connection.

Data privacy and safety in the Salesforce cloud

As we have pointed out, cloud storage is not only a resource for companies to eliminate complex and costly systems to keep data, but also a way to improve the security of it.

Salesforce comments on this in their help article ‘Data privacy and security with Salesforce’: “ utilizes some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today. When you access our site using a supported web browser, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects your information using both server authentication and data encryption”.

Besides that, weekly or monthly backups can be made with the data of each organization, depending on the Salesforce version. It is important to remember that the Salesforce CRM is what is known as a PaaS (platform as a service) because services and software are accesed online and don’t require a previous installation. This is another of the benefits that digital transformation brings us and it is increasingly implemented in all types of organizations.

On the other hand, Salesforce guarantees and assures the privacy of data, as can be reviewed in the terms of use and in the privacy policy that appear in the registration agreement.

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Build and Analyze Customer Journeys using Marketing Cloud

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Security in a “platform as a service”

Cloud services eliminate the need of the implementation of costly hardware that needs a lot of maintenance. In addition to the benefit of the connection from anywhere, the scaling of cloud services – for growing organizations – is easy to undertake and does not require the replacement of previous services.

Salesforce explains the reasons why data is safer in the cloud than on the premises:

  • The data in the office itself is not exempt from risks and dangers (fires, theft, etc.). Furthermore, the BYOD (bring your own device) culture is spreading and sensitive information can be lost.
  • Harvard Business Review advises that the biggest cybersecurity threats are within the company. From password filtering to unintentional downloading of malicious content.
  • A large number of organizations do not have the adequate personnel to face these threats.

Working and storing data in the Salesforce cloud removes all these risks and concerns of having data stored in our offices. That is why we have reached the next necessity: a cloud service has to be safe. And that is precisely what Salesforce offers, in addition to compliance with the GDPR data privacy law.

In fact, there is a specific section with in-depth information, recommended hands-on workshops, training and general guidelines. Likewise, there are numerous resources for administrators, developers and the wider public.

The safe cloud of Salesforce

Firstly, Salesforce has Trust, an informational community about security and system performance in real time. Like many other Salesforce platforms or solutions, it relies on the collaboration of all members.

At a time like today, when many workforces have part of their employees working remotely, it is more necessary than ever to have a secure environment. But precisely when companies are cutting their IT budgets, cloud service providers base their business on the trust of their customers.

Salesforce has company identifiers that allow only a particular company to access its own data. Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology ensures this through data encryption, with the most powerful security solutions available today.

Apart from all this, Salesforce, with Customer 360 Platform, offers the user the possibility of managing their own custom applications and adding the desired level of security. For example, you can provide insight into cloud security, smart prevention, encryption at rest, and auditing capabilities in every application designed on the platform.

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Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience

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