Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience

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Salesforce administrators are currently among the most sought after profiles in the market. With Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience, you’ll learn the basics of how to manage the platform, ranging from application configuration through to process streamlining via automation strategies. As an administrator, you’ll have special permissions to structure the application and ensure that it works smoothly. Get officially certified and start your journey in the Salesforce Ecosystem today.

Course Highlights


Virtual or in-person


40 hours


Salesforce certified instructors


Small class size

Salesforce Authorised Training Centre


Upon completion of the Administrative Essentials For New Admins in Lightning Experience ADX 201 you will be able to:

  • Customize your application, including page layouts, fields, tabs, and business processes. Create a secure Salesforce environment.
  • Maintain and import clean data.
  • Create high value reports and dashboards.
  • Set up workflow automation.
  • You’ll also be ready to move on to the next step in becoming a fully certified Administrator, pending completion of the Administrative Essentials For Experienced Admins CRT 211 course 12.

Who is it for?

New system administrators responsible for the setup, configuration, and maintenance of their organization’s Salesforce applications Other groups that would benefit from deepening their knowledge of Salesforce, including power users, sales operations, and IT managers


  • No prior knowledge on Salesforce products is required.
  • Complete this Trailmix before starting the course: Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience Prework.

Content & Methodology

  • Understand the data model and navigation
  • Explore the Lightning Experience
  • Find answers in Help & Training
  • Set up the company profile
  • Configure the user interface Set
  • Up activities and calendars
  • Configure search settings
  • Set up Chatter
  • Enable mobile access with Salesforce1
  • Manage user profiles
  • Create and manage users
  • Troubleshoot user login issues
  • Understand SalesforceA capabilities Set
  • up Chatter Free Users andInvites
  • Restrict logins Determine
  • Object access Set up
  • Record access
  • Manage record access with the role hierarchy
  • Deal with record access exceptions
  • Control access to events
  • Manage field-levelsecurity
  • Import new records using import wizards
  • Update existing records with the data loader
  • Keep records up to date with
  • Mass transfer records between users
  • Back up data with a weekly export
  • Mass delete records
  • Administer standard fields Create new custom fields
  • Create selection fields: picklists and lookups
  • Create formula fields
  • Work with page layouts
  • Work with record types and business processes
  • Maintain data quality
  • Email Templates
  • Set up workflow rules and Process Builder
  • Automate leads and cases
  • Automate the support process
  • Understand the SalesforceConsole
  • Enable collaboration in the Service Cloud
  • Analyze support data with reports and dashboards

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