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Salesforce Revenue Cloud

In late 2022, The Hotels Network internally launched the implementation of Salesforce Billing as an extension of CPQ, with the goal of overcoming natural limitations of Sales Cloud.

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Navigating the Future of Field Services with Salesforce

The field services industry is changing rapidly, and businesses must adopt digital solutions to stay ahead.

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WTH are NFTs?

Blockchain technology and NFTs have been a hot topic over the last year. Since then NFTs have matured from expensive pixilated cartoon apes to a token that is tied to a value, product and/or a service.

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Consumer Goods Cloud: what is it and why is it one of the hottest clouds in the Salesforce ecosystem

Have you ever wondered how the companies that manufacture, distribute and sell custom goods get them in front of us? From the food and drinks we buy in the supermarket to the appliances that we have at home and even the sunscreen we put on our skin, our life would be very difficult without them...

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Getting Started with Omnistudio

In 2020, Vlocity became part of the Salesforce family and was the starting point of Salesforce Industries: a collection of packages for industry-specific needs.

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The Tooling API demystified (it's not only for developers!)

We all know that moment when you are running a Salesforce project for a couple of months (or even years), and we need to do a configuration review. Which field is not used anywhere, which permission set is assigned to which user, do we have duplicates in our custom labels… Tricky right?

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Demo - Einstein Analytics: Artificial Intelligence for CRM

Einstein is the key to making Salesforce the world's smartest CRM, allowing you to be smarter, which means happier customers.

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Demo - Marketing Cloud Social Studio

Discover how Social Studio helps organizations across the world connect with their social customers in a whole new way.

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Social Studio: Managing your social channels from Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Discover how Social Studio helps organizations across the world connect with their social customers in a whole new way.

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Standard Management and Connectivity in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Discover the different standard connectivity configuration options in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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GDPR - How can Salesforce help you achieve compliance?

Enroll now in our Marketing Cloud Email Specialist course and learn how to manage the email channel for your organization.

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Applying Data Analysis to Marketing Intelligence with Datorama

Discover how to optimize your business performance and improve decision making by unifying your marketing data sources.

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Introduction to Mulesoft

Discover how Mulesoft can unify information and maximize your company's agility through application networks.

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Evergage: The real-time personalization and customer data platform

Join us and discover how to analyze your customers' behavior using Evergage in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Tableau: Making data visualization easy in Salesforce

Join us and discover how to boost data visualization using Tableau.

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