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WTH are NFTs?

WTH are NFTs?
  • 14 Mar 2023
  • 7 PM (CET)
  • English
  • 1h
  • Free

Blockchain technology and NFTs have been a hot topic over the last year. Since then NFTs have matured from expensive pixilated cartoon apes to a token that is tied to a value, product and/or a service.

NFTs are now being applied to various use cases across different industries and will soon be a fundamental part of business processes and everyday life.

But what are NFTs exactly? How do they work? What are their uses? All this is what we will talk about in our next webinar, and you are invited. All attendees will receive a free NFT!

What we will talk about?

  • What are NFTs.

  • How do they work.

  • NFT Use Cases.

About Tiffani Byrd

Tiffani is a Salesforce, Blockchain & NFT Consultant. She is also the Community Leader of the Blockchain Blazers Trailhead Community Group and Co-Leader of Women in Blockchain Talks Barcelona. She is raising awareness of Web3 technologies to the Salesforce Community and will be a key advocate in helping to drive adoption of the up and coming Salesforce NFT Cloud.

Tiffani Byrd
Tiffani Byrd
Salesforce & Blockchain | Deutsche Asset Management

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WTH are NFTs?
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