Team efficiency: the impact of Salesforce certification

Team efficiency: the impact of Salesforce certification

Interested in building an efficient and effective team? Learn more about the impact of Salesforce training and certification on the performance and efficiency of your teams!

Salesforce certification boosts team efficiency and helps build high performing teams

After a decade of seeing digitalisation as a mere trend in the business world, the reality in 2021 is that this trend has become an unavoidable, rapid transformation process that companies from all sectors must undertake with their staff, without exception or delay.

In such a context, where recovery and a return to growth will depend – sometimes overwhelmingly – on the presence of increased digital capacity in the workforce, what is the role of the number one global CRM ecosystem and its community? What is the real, measurable impact of Salesforce on the performance, agility and competitiveness of organisations and businesses? What could be Salesforce’s reach in the future thanks to its community of certified Trailblazers?

Performance, agility and certified digital skills

Nowadays companies are asked to be as efficient as possible in production and in the provision of services but they must also be agile and capable of adapting to the changing demands of their customers and of the market. Team members should have certified digital skills according to the perspective outlined by the recent report of the International Data Corporation (IDC).

IDC is the premier global market intelligence firm and consultancy focused on the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets. With over 1,000 analysts and a presence in over 100 countries all across the globe, the IDC’s capacity for global research and insights helps professionals, executives and investors to make decisions about both technology and corporate strategy.

According to the results of this study, organisations which have the tools required to be agile and to scale-up will continue to display a much greater ability to adapt to future changes. They will also be able to use these tools to boost their economic recovery and to accelerate their growth.

By “tools” we do not just mean digital resources but also the team members who, with their backgrounds and skills, will have more of an impact – a more positive impact – on the development of processes thanks to this team training. People are the key ingredient for commercial and production success within companies that are undertaking a digital transformation. And in the current context qualified workers – notably team members who have a Salesforce certification – are a rare and valuable resource who are in constant demand.

Measuring the impact of Salesforce certification

The IDC has various key figures which measure the impact of Salesforce training and certification on team efficiency within a company. The figures are striking:

  • Team members who have a Salesforce certification are 90% more productive in completing their tasks than those who do not
  • The influence and impact of team members who have a Salesforce certification within a team, on processes and on the company’s decision-making is 35% higher than amongst other staff members
  • Developers who have a certification and who continue to engage in continuous learning with Salesforce are capable of producing new code up to 68% faster
  • Administrators who have a Salesforce certification are 15% faster at preparing and developing reports, personalised dashboards and optimised workflows

The existing demand for Salesforce technology and its ecosystem means that the Salesforce adventure often starts in a company with team management and monitoring. Companies are then provided with support thanks to the self-learning tools offered by Trailhead and the Trailblazer community.

In such a context gaining access to this knowledge and such certifications, with the support of an official partner, represents a key competitive advantage. This is the mission of ISDI CRM, a Salesforce business school with a global reach and whose network continues to grow: new centres have been opened recently in Mexico, France and in Spain, where we have the country’s only authorised training provider that can offer an Official Salesforce Certification.

The key to creating (and retaining) high performing teams

Certified professionals have the knowledge and confidence required to adapt to constant changes in their tasks and to the level of demand created by the digital transformation of the business world. As the IDC report outlines, such high performing staff members can be given the most challenging work and they will do it to a good standard and quicker than other staff members. Thus you offer a better level of service, you improve the level of a team’s performance and you boost customer satisfaction.

A well-prepared professional that has a certification in technology performs better than a non-certified colleague on all key indicators.

This is true for professionals working in the various roles where knowing about Salesforce has become a priority: app developers, specialists in installing and maintaining systems, customer service managers, etc. Certification, backed up by proper preparation and continuous learning, is an advantage for the company, for the team and for the individual employee as it will motivate them, it will provide them with job satisfaction and it will strengthen their CV.

This is why ISDI CRM views the process of monitoring the professionals that have been trained at our school as so important. The initial training and the regular updates provided to our alumni will ensure that they continue to grow and the Salesforce community will continue to grow along with them.

Figures like those presented by the IDC in their report confirm that we are taking the right approach: expectations for a promotion double amongst professionals who have a Salesforce certification before joining a technology-focused team in comparison with colleagues who learn their trade “on the job” and don’t have a qualification. These expectations for a promotion are met, on average, in half the time.

Benefiting from education, certification and professional growth

Choosing a school and investing in a team member – so that they can have access to Salesforce’s training and experience and can certify their competencies – will bring you a return on investment in various ways. You will be able to rely on in-house experts who are capable of improving your workflows, of creating customised dashboards and of designing and implementing the automation of your processes. Furthermore, they will have the ability to develop new products, services and applications, as well as to respond with assurance and self-confidence to demands related to any new tools, technologies or methods which come into the market. Your high performing teams will also be able to apply all of this to generating new sources of business and increasing the value of your organisation/business as a whole.

Furthermore, team members that are capable of tackling, solving and taking the lead on new challenges, who are provided with support by the company in order to keep developing their skills and who are more likely to get a promotion within the company, are more likely, in turn, to remain loyal to the company. This makes it more likely that you will have a cheaper solution to retaining talent. In a job market where Salesforce experts are aware that they are a rare and valuable commodity, attracting them and retaining them is one way of staying a step ahead of the competition.

It is very satisfying for us at ISDI CRM to be able to offer official programmes for Salesforce Certifications. Along with our wide educational approach and over a decade of experience as a digitally-native business school, this has enabled us to learn and share about a company culture which is focused on generating value within effective teams, updating methodologies and proposing new business opportunities linked to digital transformation. This approach helps to provide new competencies to your team members, based on the needs of your organisation and on what the market is demanding of professionals.

So if you’re a company looking into improving your outlook and hoping to secure growth thanks to digital acceleration, or if you’re an individual employee looking into improving your skills as a digital expert in order to achieve what you wish to accomplish, then look no further, at ISDI CRM we have a programme that will meet your needs.
You can find out more about our programmes here.

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Courses with certifications on different Salesforce Clouds

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