Salesforce brings a new organization of work and a new way of thinking about data

Gilda Luis

Marketing, CRM & Loyalty Director | Pestana Hotel Group
Gilda Luis

In a recent article, we listed the implementation of CRM systems as one of the key strategic objectives of the hotel sector for 2021. It is necessary to overcome this period and face the recovery of the sector’s activity, boosting customer management and loyalty and the conversion of all the data flow into direct bookings.

Loyalty programs that offer personalized services, according to the preferences and interests of each guest, have proven to be very effective. The goal is to obtain information in a non-intrusive way, while providing a differential value within every interaction and with each guest. At the same time, offering personalized attention throughout the entire process with consistency across all media: online, remote or face-to-face.

Implementing a CRM and anticipating the transformation of the hospitality industry

Pestana Hotel Group faces this transformation from an already advantageous position: this will be their third year using a custom CRM system, since they implemented Salesforce as their marketing and loyalty tool, for communication with customers and management of e-commerce platforms.

To better explain the hotel group’s experience as part of the Salesforce ecosystem, we had the opportunity to talk to Gilda Luis, Marketing, CRM & Loyalty Director at Pestana Hotel Group.

Gilda presents herself as passionate about marketing, communication and customer management with almost twenty-two years of professional experience in the travel sector, and with twelve years of dedication in Marketing Management and leading various projects in the areas of branding, digital, product and loyalty. Her vocation has led her to put special focus on loyalty strategies and tools.

I believe that companies will need to be more responsive to digital channels, online customer service and channels monitorization.

How long have you been using Salesforce at Pestana?

The implementation process started in January 2018 and in May 2018 we started the first CRM e-mail journeys and automations for Pestana Guest Club members.

How do you use salesforce in your company from a Loyalty perspective?

Salesforce is currently used primarily by the Loyalty and E-commerce teams. From a Loyalty perspective, we use either Marketing Cloud or Service Cloud on a daily basis.

Marketing Cloud allows us to send all the marketing emails. Either a more complex customer journey, a simple email marketing or even an automation is streamlined in this tool. Service Cloud is the platform on which the Loyalty team is building the necessary reports and dashboards for the main loyalty KPI’s.

Training, updating and a development of a renewed work

To what extent is the preparation of teams a key factor in achieving the best results after implementing a CRM?

Salesforce has many advantages, but above all, it brings a new modus operandi. It implements a new organization of work in the company and promotes a new way of thinking about data. A more critical approach in the report’s definition and dashboards. It is a new mind-set, for which teams are not usually prepared.

Providing them with this preparation and training during the implementation, on an on-job basis is crucial. Maintaining the same level of support and assistance for the teams once it is completed, transmitting and teaching each new development and improvement is also essential for the evolution of the tool.

Why have you chosen ISDI CRM to train your employees?

ISDI CRM is a reference in everything related to Salesforce training and the participant team felt that all through their day-to-day. In our case it was a certification process, and it was very important for the evolution of the trainee in the tool.

What training did you complete?

The CRM and Loyalty team completed the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist & Journey Builder training (EEB101 + JB101).

Currently, that training has been updated and is delivered in the MKT101 program, Build and Analyze Customer Journeys using Marketing Cloud, which leads to the official Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist certification.

This program focuses on training teams in the management and automation of mailings and customer communications, the use of Marketing Cloud and the analysis of data from the campaigns launched, and the development of advanced segmentation strategies that offer the greatest personalization in the customer experience.

Join us on the path to mastering Salesforce


Join us on the path to mastering Salesforce

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Team Support and monitoring

ISDI CRM certification programs, in addition to transmitting the basic theoretical concepts that underpin Salesforce and its Clouds, teach and exercise the practical learning of the ecosystem and prepare for the constant process of updating knowledge and perfecting the management of each tool that will follow.

How has ISDI CRM responded to the needs in training your teams?

It was very important and prompted us to revisit fundamental concepts, to streamline the way we had been doing some things and to learn new concepts as well.

What are your next goals for training and internal company transformation, and to what extent and in which ways do you think Salesforce technology can benefit companies and organizations in the new economic context?

When e-commerce is growing inevitably in all sectors, a platform that helps us to accompany this process in an agile way, is essential for Marketing and Loyalty.

We are also entering a phase in which online learning needs must also grow. I believe that this growth may come about through shorter courses, and not so much through extensive programs or certification processes that take too long.

I believe that companies will need to be more responsive to digital channels, online customer service and channels monitorization.

As such, I do believe that training in Salesforce skills, in a modular way, quickly and online.

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