Post-COVID impact: a plan for 2021

Post-COVID impact: a plan for 2021

When reviewing what 2020 has left us, we saw how in just a few months the world had experienced an advance in digitization equivalent to several years of normal development.

In the field of production, it is esteemed that around two thirds of companies have accelerated their digitization in the last twelve months, with reports that indicate that up to an 80% of CEOs assure the transformation of their operative model has advanced months or even years, because of the pandemic. Not only has the process become widespread and exponentially accelerated: we have reached a turning point and 2021 is going to be a demanding year, with enormous challenges, but also with many possibilities for job growth. In the following months, technological transformation programmes will continue. To keep digitizing efficiently, 61% of employers admit that it will require new skills from their employees. At ISDI CRM we offer you a plan for 2021.

Educational space, digital space

Beyond the development of the home office, the organizational networks of the company and the universalization of video calls in all environments, the COVID impact and post-COVID forecasts are revolutionizing the educational scenario, with an exponential increase in digital resources, solutions and flexible approaches for continuous training. In the business environment, programmes to join with success the job market or adapt to its transformation grow in number and diversify. With such a big offer, how to choose?

Reskilling, upskilling and employability are the key concepts in this environment. That our profile is the one that is demanded and valued.

What this means is the continuous adaptation of the workforce, the technical training of professionals, the development of specializations and also transversal capacities, which will allow to respond the job market urgent and long term demands. A high level recycling that provides additional skills and training.

Ideally, this can be achieved bolstering processes through partners with a broad vision of global digital and productive transformation, experts in training and digitization. People capable of reinforcing the profile of a student in their current role, but also bridging the gap towards the main technological and corporate ecosystems.

Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience


Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience

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Learning by doing: ISDI CRM

This year of pandemic has caused and increase in the demand for the education sector and, consequently, the course offering. It has also promoted the adaptation of previous projects to the new reality, and has introduced in them a cloud of concepts, trends and possibilities: virtual smart campuses, tech-savvy teachers, and the coexistence in the classroom of digital natives with non-natives or Artificial Intelligence and chatbots as teaching assistants. Above all, it is necessary to adapt methods to the current context, and offer training courses that result in a quick and effective return on investment.

The training project of ISDI CRM is based on more than a decade of experience from ISDI as a leading business school in digital transformation, and adding the capabilities and values that the Salesforce software and ecosystem incorporates, the number one CRM in the world. Thus, it is easy to generate a secure digital knowledge environment when exchanging content and sensitive information. It is also possible to adapt personal itineraries on the fly, without losing focus and structure, or implement personalized evaluation and monitoring systems, bidirectional feedback, AI to analyse learning patterns, etc. In addition, through the Trailhead platform, students have an open door to a global environment of innovation and knowledge exchange.

“ISDI CRM means joining two very large families, which give access to events, experts, contact networks and companies that are searching for professionals with the official certifications from Salesforce and also have incorporated the methodology and global vision of ISDI”, says Armelle Jaclot, Global Business Manager at ISDI CRM.

Here we are committed to a permanent training model based on the concept of learning by doing. Learning is a task and a necessity that continues throughout your working life. In the ISDI CRM proposal, short – often weeks or days – and operational training predominate, in which the knowledge acquired during the course is applied.

This year, through e-learning, we have continued to create a collaborative experience, with all the advantages of distance training, and implementing the learnings made during the last eleven years in the training programs, as they were developed.

A plan for 2021: find you training

The localized impact of the pandemic seems to have hit Spain harder than in other neighbouring countries, although with a forecast of higher growth in the medium term and with an unprecedented advance in digitization processes, which are approaching almost half of the country’s GDP.

Within the diversity of solutions that public authorities could take, internationally or locally, the current nature of economy and job markets requires individual decision-making that prepares us to adapt, resist, stand out and grow in a globalized environment, with maximum competition for work (and for talent). Choosing well is key. Joining a growing community is too.

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Essentials for Marketing Cloud Email Marketers

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“Both for people who are entering the labor market, and for those of us who already lived through the 2008 crisis, there is something that we lacked then and that now we have to know how to take advantage of. They are different scenarios and uncertainty is inevitable, but this time we can anticipate and train ourselves to face the future in the best way. Focusing on what we know that works, indicates how the evolution of companies and jobs will be. That fact already allows us to know what to do”, explains Armelle Jaclot. “The solution is to be digitized. Many of the students we have had this year have expressed their desire to be the engine of change and the need to take care of their present and future work. Certifying knowledge in Salesforce makes both things possible. “

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