Instructor certification has opened up many opportunities for me

Iván Fuentes

Iván Fuentes

Today we interview Iván Fuentes, Sr. Salesforce Consultant at Wingu – Tecnología sin fines de lucro (“Non-Profit Technology”) – where his main activities are focused on guiding, supporting and implementing for third sector organizations. He also provides oriented training or consultancy to private sector organizations. Iván is one of our experts at ISDI CRM Mexico. Specifically, he is an instructor of the training ADX201(Salesforce Administration Fundamentals in Lightning) having achieved this certification himself (he has a total of eight official certifications) as well as that of instructor. He tells us that his employability has improved as a Salesforce trainer.

Ivan tells us about his relationship with Salesforce and gives some tips for future specialists.

What is it like to support third sector organizations in their digital transformation with Salesforce?

Supporting third sector organizations is extremely gratifying, as you are making it easier for the organizations to carry out their work in the digital part and with this there’s one more problem they need not worry about, so they can focus on the most important thing, which is the social causes they carry out on a daily basis.

In turn, helping organizations to have a platform like Salesforce on which they will centralize their donors, volunteers, beneficiaries, allies, etc., is a big responsibility, as it’s hard for them to have a technology area, so for them you are their technological ally, the one who will help them to translate their processes into this platform, and you will be their guide all the way through the implementation.

How has your professional life changed since you became certified? Have you improved your employability as a Salesforce instructor?

Having taken the course was very rewarding. I think it was challenging because of the amount of information that you see throughout the sessions. However, it is a very enriching and motivating process because of the knowledge of the instructor who supported me throughout the process.

On a professional level, being certified as an instructor has certainly supplemented the years of experience I have had with Salesforce and has opened up many career opportunities.

 In the current landscape where automation and CRM skills are so necessary, how would you describe the need for and lack of professionals with this background?

Understanding the current situation we find ourselves in due to the pandemic, work from home jobs are becoming more and more mandatory. So there’s less personal interaction, which has led to a demand for new skills in the CRM market.

It is necessary to add an understanding of the areas of opportunity that may exist within an organization, understanding that automation should facilitate, save time and resources for the employees and the organization, which is why this skill has taken on a very important role for these new needs that have accelerated and are practically necessary for the growth of any company.

Today there are many professionals with different skills. But I believe that a majority of them do not have the skills to detect problems and this, in turn, means that they do not provide the automation solution that is expected in the organization. This is mainly due to a lack of knowledge and above all a lack of background in what is new and what is offered by each CRM cloud, which are very broad and with different approaches. This enhances the employability of a Salesforce instructor once they are officially certified to deliver training.

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Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience

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Automation and data management have become fundamental tools and skills. In your first-hand professional experience, what’s your perception of the current situation of these disciplines?

Data management is at the heart of an organization or company. Without clean, ordered and concise data, it is almost impossible to think about and automate in it.

Organizations and companies are adding technology at a faster pace than in previous years. Many companies that were hesitant to have a CRM now see it as almost mandatory.

The digital trend and current demand calls for having and, above all, preparing for this coming digital wave with the right skills as a professional in the field.

Why is process automation key to the new digital normal for organizations?

Automating processes is very important nowadays and plays a key role in the digital part for organizations. Since there’s no human capacity on site, you have to think about automating all those processes that can be solved without having to go through a person in the organization. For example, by automatically creating a sales opportunity when you are following up with a prospect for the first time or at the end of the process, when you close a sale with a customer, you can automate the generation of an Invoice to another platform (ERP) with the sales order data done.

The above examples undoubtedly offer many advantages, such as saving the time of the human capital that used to be responsible for preparing records manually and repetitively, and at the same time the return on investment is high by providing the customer with efficient and fast service.

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