Sales Cloud: best sales platform to understand the customer and drive growth

Sales Cloud: best sales platform to understand the customer and drive growth

Today we are reviewing the platform from Salesforce aimed at Sales departments, called Sales Cloud. This cloud-based platform shines, especially today, because of its competitiveness towards resuming activity working remotely, from home.

One of the most relevant claims by Salesforce, the tech multinational with the number one CRM in the world, is that its cloud-based platforms can be accessed through any device, in any moment, everywhere.

Sales Cloud is not a different case. This platform is targeted to sales teams regarding this fact, there is another claim from Salesforce that shines out: “sell smarter, faster and from anywhere”.

In conclusion, all sales teams have one solid and single objective, which is obtaining the best results. Obviously, Salesforce in general, and Sales Cloud in particular, have everything necessary to achieve success in three key steps: attract more customers, accelerate productivity and make better, more informed decisions.

Benefits of using Sales Cloud

Whether we sell products or services, directly to companies or to a final customer, the ultimate goal of any given company will always be to improve sales. Sales Cloud, because of that fact, is a great tool to strengthen the pillars of any business.

Below we highlight three factors that turn Salesforce’s Sales Cloud in a very interesting set of software solutions for sales teams, and these three factors are also the reasons why it has become the leader of its own market. 

  • Build faithful relationships with customers in every connection: it is important to underline that Sales Cloud is a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, which means that through it we can connect teams from different areas, as Sales, Marketing or Finance, and walk together towards success. Besides, the tools of Sales Cloud make every interaction with the customer converge in a centralized single space, turning all phases of the conversation in new opportunities.
  • Automate processes and have access wherever you are: Sales Cloud is not only a platform or a set of tools destined to improve the reach of sales teams. Besides, it includes one of the most avant-garde and trendy technologies today, which is artificial intelligence. Einstein is the AI tool integrated inside Sales Cloud and can be used to automate basic processes in order to have more time for other tasks that really matter.
  • Evolve your sales strategy and expand your reach: here we go to another of the trendy terms of this generation of technology, Big Data. Not without reason, because Sales Cloud allows you to take better informed decisions, due to its ability to recollect and analyse in real time the performance of some activities, letting you know what is making your company grow and how.
Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience


Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience

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On the other hand, Sales Cloud is scalable according to the needs of each company, for example its volume of sales or its number of employees. To that end, Salesforce offers different plans, with more or less functionalities, from an immediately available CRM for teams of up to 10 people, to a complete service totally customizable with unlimited access. 

What do the Sales Cloud tools offer?

Salesforce offers, with Sales Cloud, software solutions for all the needs sales teams have, but also solutions for each of the roles inside a company. For this reason, as it happens with other tools and platforms created by Salesforce, it is very interesting to have an expert capable of customizing all these solutions and adapt them to the requirements of a certain activity or company. 

The Sales Cloud platform is highly flexible

The Sales Cloud platform is highly flexible and customizable for every company, activity or type of professionals that will be handling them. Below we categorize the types of advantages, which we can obtain from the Sales Cloud solutions, in three sections:

  • Drive strategic growth: data visualization, solutions to automate workflows and artificial intelligence are included in this platform. These are the main ingredients for the Sales Cloud platform to boost sales and enable the registration of teams’ performance. Visual dashboards put together human factor and artificial intelligence towards achieving higher goals. 
  • Boost the efficiency of sales: sales teams can streamline processes with another integrated function inside the Sales Cloud platform. For example, you will no longer need to manually introduce customers’ data. Ultimately, each of these professionals within the company gain the ability to maximize their potential with common department workspaces and tools that track the status of each process.
  • Get more clients and improve the relationship with the existing ones: here we can find two different benefits from the same function, because Sales Cloud allows the construction of a 360 degree vision of every customer (insights from customers’ activity to AI-based suggestions), and it also allows the broadening of opportunities through already existing customers whose relationship with our company was created in the past.

Become a Salesforce professional yourself

Did you know that ISDI CRM is a training partner of Salesforce? That’s right, and we have the right qualified experts who can help you achieve the necessary certifications to become a Sales Cloud specialist yourself or a specialist in any of the other Salesforce platforms.

Tableau: Making data visualization easy in Salesforce


Tableau: Making data visualization easy in Salesforce

Watch the session

For example, we have an ISDI CRM training course to become a Sales Cloud Specialist (ADX251 + CRT251). It will grant you the official certification to become a Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant, which is oriented to administrators of this platform. 

If you want to know more about our specialized courses, click here, and don’t forget to follow us if you are interested in the world of CRMs and the Salesforce ecosystem.


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