ISDI and Salesforce join efforts with ISDI CRM

ISDI and Salesforce join efforts with ISDI CRM

The business school ISDI and the CRM platform Salesforce join forces for a training of professionals project: in Spain, ISDI CRM will be an essential core in the creation of new profiles, proficient in the highly demanded Salesforce technology.

In May 2018 we learned that ISDI, the first digital business school in Spain, would begin to offer certification courses on Salesforce, the customer relationship management platform (CRM), considered to be world’s number one.

In order to strengthen this business alliance, in November 2019 we saw the creation of this joint effort, ISDI CRM. As stated in the Spanish economic newspaper Expansión, the multinational American corporation Salesforce injected $1.5 million in the business school ISDI’s new project.

The near future is very promising for the development of Salesforce’s tech, in the frame view of the corporate world, and especially in the Spanish local market, where more and more professional profiles are demanded with a high expertise in these type of digital skills. ISDI CRM takes over the challenge of training and certifying the newly learned skills for future experts.

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ISDI and Salesforce’s strategic alliance

Salesforce, Cloud computing and IT services giant, joined forces with ISDI to create this joint-venture named ISDI CRM. Salesforce’s core business is its CRM, capable of putting the customer in the centre of every corporate strategy, which has branded as Customer-centric vision, and endorses its transformative nature.

According to a report from consultancy firm IDC, the so-called “Salesforce economy” is going to create globally 4.2 million jobs in the period between 2019 and 2024. Against common fears of job destruction by the robotization and automation of many professional duties, Salesforce appears as a driver of work and development.

That is exactly why Salesforce needed a partner in our country, to help train the thousands of experts that companies will need in the next few years. The employment figures that Salesforce will develop in Spain, in that same period of 2019 to 2024, will be around 48.000 in terms of direct jobs, and 60.900 indirect jobs.

Back in 2018, Enrique Polo de Lara, Senior Vice President & Iberia Country Leader at Salesforce said: “Companies have never required so many new workers with digital skills like they are doing now. Towards having companies with the capacity of thriving and innovating in the age of disruption, we need the current and future workforces to have the proper skills”.

Salesforce invests in ISDI

In consequence, ISDI CRM will apply this financial injection from Salesforce to create formation courses in Spain, France and Mexico. Jorge Villabona, General Manager at ISDI CRM, showed the compromise of ISDI CRM to expand their scope when he said “besides having courses for companies that are clients of Salesforce – and their partners -, we want to reach unemployed people and recently graduated students, because we understand there is a great opportunity of employment in this ecosystem”.

El Economista shares more details about the operation made by Salesforce Ventures, the investment branch of the North American company, destined to enhance ISDI CRM’s project with $1.5 million. This financial newspaper quotes Villabona’s words, who said that 6 out of 10 students from ISDI are people willing to learn or improve their digital skills, while the other 4 are professionals sent to ISDI by their own companies.

Besides having courses for companies, we want to reach unemployed people and recently graduated students

Because of that fact, the digital business school ISDI launched its own Salesforce Academy, an area designed to “became a pioneer in the Salesforce ecosystem”. It will allow a step forward in any professionals’ career, everyone who is ready to improve this kind of digital knowledge. They will also receive its specific certificates, because ISDI CRM is and authorised training provider. And lastly, ISDI CRM will also be offering the possibility of trainings to become an instructor on these Salesforce qualifications, especially to meet the needs of the current market regarding these specialists (who will then train others).

Nacho de Pinedo, Co-founder & CEO at ISDI, declared that “there is a gap between emergent technologies and the abilities to manage them. ISDI CRM has been created to close that gap and to deliver the digital skills and tools for the leaders of tomorrow.”

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The engine of employment 4.0

The first event housed by ISDI CRM, “Technology as an engine of employment 4.0”, came along with the launch of IDC’s report about the so-called Salesforce economy. As a result of the event, an ebook was published by ISDI including the highlights and key concepts.

In this special event, in which many experts shared their impressions about the topic we are analysing today, Enrique Polo de Lara, Senior Vice President & Iberia Country Leader at Salesforce Iberia, underlined two key concepts to consider Salesforce’s products. It is finally a positive duality, because it will be beneficial for both professional and company:

  • On one hand, because it is a great opportunity on the middle-long term for people from every kind of profiles, who decide to train in Salesforce.
  • On the other hand, Salesforce is very interesting for companies, because it will “allow them to better understand their customers and interact with them in a customized and coherent manner, through every channel, both digital and traditional”.

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