How Salesforce can help boost your career

How Salesforce can help boost your career

Salesforce can help you revitalise your career, no matter your current position or future outlook. From basic knowledge to specialist information, the Salesforce ecosystem is alive and constantly changing. So don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Taking part in training and garnering new knowledge about the Salesforce ecosystem can lead to opportunities for young students. But learning more about the world’s most competitive CRM is also a career option for all kinds of profiles.

Following the ISDI event to launch the publication of our e-book that looks at the role of technology in work 4.0, Enrique Polo Lara, Senior Vice President & Iberia Country Leader at Salesforce Iberia, said “The opportunity provided by Salesforce is for everyone.” In other words, the CRM is not aimed at specific profiles and does not favour specific ages, genders or skills.

In short, Salesforce offers skills to all kinds of professionals, whether young graduates or senior experts, providing them with a new direction in their career and a lever for finding better opportunities.

Reasons for learning about Salesforce

Not familiar with Salesforce yet? It would actually be enough to tell you that the company, which gives its name to both the platform and its tools, has the best valued CRM on the market, as chosen by the best magazines and specialist media outlets. The platform, meanwhile, provides tools and services to more than 100,000 companies all over the world.

The growth of the so-called “Salesforce economy” – all of the direct and indirect employment associated with the ecosystem – will create tens of thousands of jobs in the coming years.

A recent study by consultancy firm IDC said that 4.2 million jobs associated with the Salesforce ecosystem will be created worldwide between 2019 and 2024. In Spain, the number will come to around 48,600 direct jobs and 60,900 indirect positions. Whether as experts in the company, consultants and Salesforce solution developers, or as educators, as in our case at ISDI, in a context in which unemployment and uncertainty prevail, the “Salesforce economy” is good news for everyone.

The benefits of Salesforce certification

There are two main reasons that Salesforce is expanding so quickly in the market. And that growth also makes Salesforce certification a treasured achievement for professionals.

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First, Salesforce offers new product versions every year, as well as representing an environment that is under constant development. With Salesforce, customers get access to new apps, customisable environments and, in general, a large and varied toolset that can be applied to any and all needs.

While from the outside Salesforce might seem to be a CRM and an environment suited to more technified sectors such as finance and industry, its ability to adapt to a customer’s needs and those of the hundreds of companies that work with Salesforce to create specific solutions for each individual company means the environment can be expanded into all kinds of markets and industries.

Climbing the ladder: from the general to the specific

For touching base, finding out more about Salesforce and even registering the first milestones of your learning on your CV, the company has set up Trailhead.

Trailhead is a learning platform for the Salesforce ecosystem that also has a large community with which to share achievements, ask questions, etc. As the company says, it is “a fun way to learn the most in-demand skills.” 

And don’t forget: specialist publication CIO emphasises that professional roles that include certified Salesforce skills have salaries that are 8% higher than average. In fact, it mentions a study by job portal Indeed that shows the role of Salesforce developer as one 2019’s best jobs, with an average annual salary of $112,000.

Learning to use Salesforce and getting certified with ISDI CRM

If you didn’t already know, in November 2019, Salesforce signed a collaboration agreement with ISDI. The deal led to the creation of ISDI CRM, which is the digital business school’s branch for training certified Salesforce professionals.

The US company injected $1.5 million into the original Madrid-based school, which has now extended its services and offices to both France and Mexico. In the coming years, ISDI also plans to develop into other European countries and Latin America.

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ISDI CRM is therefore the perfect place if you are looking for certification that will endorse your knowledge of Salesforce. As an official Salesforce partner, here you will find the very best instructors who will guide your knowledge towards your chosen field of work.

And if you want more information about the impact of the Salesforce economy in Spain and worldwide, why not download the ebook (in Spanish) that features the main concepts and ideas discussed at the ISDI event entitled Technology as a driver of work 4.0.

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