Experts and students rate the digitalization of classes at ISDI CRM driven by COVID-19

Experts and students rate the digitalization of classes at ISDI CRM driven by COVID-19

It is necessary to have the right adaptation tools to properly face a disruptive situation. Today we will go on with our analysis of the digitization of our classrooms due to the COVID-19 crisis.

In the previous article we highlighted the key aspects of the fast digitization of classrooms at ISDI. For that matter, we relied on the noteworthy opinion of Daniel Álvarez Martínez, International Program Manager at ISDI.

Many relevant companies, such as Google or Microsoft, have created their own recommendations for the general public towards setting a successful connection between teachers and students. Our case, both in content and scope, is much more complex.

That is why today we want to continue on this path and deepen the assessment of experts and students on how this digitization process has been carried out. Just as Daniel told us: online teaching is possible and you can learn as much as you would on a brick and mortar classroom, but you have to know how to do it.

Digitization of education: adapting to change

Just as we learned from Daniel Álvarez Martínez’s insights, adaptation to any change is difficult, but if it’s meant for good y and it’s well executed, it can be positive for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken our reality at every level, so it became completely necessary for ISDI to respond validly in an educational level.

María Teijeiro, SFDC Consultant & Instructor, who is also an instructor at ISDI, values positively this reaction as requirement regarding the current situation. For her, adapting to this crisis reality is “necessary to provide continuity to business and support companies in this context, transferring knowledge in these times of lockdown”.

Another of our expert instructors, Franz Cator, Online Marketing Strategist Trainer, has also a positive view of the challenge we are currently involved in. Regarding the digitization of training, he says that “it is an excellent solution in the current context. It allows us to be in contact with more people, regardless of their geographical situation”. In fact, Franz is based in Montreal and he is a Salesforce certified instructor who has taught classes at ISDI directly from Canada.

On the other hand, we have the point of view of Joel Chadet, Salesforce Consultant, who faced the challenge of conduct an online training course of 40 hours in 5 days. For Joel, this kind of training “is a completely different exercise, but it is totally understandable due to the circumstances”. But Joel highlights the immediacy of classes and the better measurement of pauses. For example, you now erase from students’ agenda their commuting to the school, which surely gives favourable points to online training.

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The tools: changing from face-to-face to online

Students’ reception of these urgency measures has been broadly positive. For example, we have Juan Andrés Lloret, from DeveSAP, who said he was happy “to have been part of a great course, very well organized and coordinated”.

In the same way, Marta del Pozo, business analyst at Dentsply Sirona, who took the Administrative Essentials course for new administrators at ISDI, said:

“It has surpassed my expectations, mainly because it was supposed to be a face-to-face course and, because of the current situation and COVID-19, it was performed online. There was never a problem due to being a remote training, the online platform has worked really well and the instructor knew how to make it enjoyable. The course programme is very thorough, and had a lot of hands-on content: inside each lesson, there were real cases as if it was a real company, where questionnaires were made to make sure we learned the basic notions of each module. I would 100 per cent recommend this training course and this school.”

 But on the other side of these good thoughts there is the hard work of all the professionals at ISDI and all the experts who teach our training courses. That is what María Teijeiro told us, who outlined that it is in their hands, “as instructors, to achieve the quality level of a face-to-face training”.

Something similar said Franz Cator, who emphasized the fact that all teachers must place themselves where the student is.

One tip for other instructors would be ‘get ready and put yourself in the students’ shoes.

And there is another factor in which we find unanimity in the responses. It is about the reception of the students, as Joel Chadet very accurately expressed, when he talked about his commitment and said: “They were all very understandable, I was lucky to have a class that was very interested in participating.” In the same way, Franz said about his experience that “it was very pleasant and, according to the comments of the students, they were also comfortable”, and he added that he would also be pleased to repeat this training course.

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The challenge: achieving the same level of learning

Finally, all efforts would be in vain if we don’t bear in mind the main thing, which is no other than getting a quality education. The COVID-19 crisis has forced us to digitize all classes, to change schedules and to place all teams pushing in the same direction, in order to achieve the best learning product for all students at ISDI.

All experts – although some were very surprised-, accepted the high level in which these trainings were performed. For example, María Teijeiro said that the same level of learning could be achieved, but taking into account that “you can’t have many too many trainees and the group should have a similar level of knowledge”. In this line of nuances, Franz Cator believes that it is necessary to specify “change the rhythm”, especially due to the fact that “people only have a screen where their teacher is at a distance”.

And finally, we finish with a consideration by Joel Chadet, because it is very close to ISDI’s intention and what we wanted to carry out: “No matter the format, it is important to have a motivation and interest and, above all, you have to understand the people who are listening you, which determines the difference and provides a satisfying overall experience”.
If you are interested in these topics, or want to delve into the Salesforce ecosystem, do not hesitate to follow us. Also remember that if you want to know more about our training offer, you can find all the information about the ISDI CRM courses here, as well as all the ISDI programs, here.

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