Salesforce opened for me the doors of a new future

José Manuel Misa

José Manuel Misa

José Manuel Misa’s case illustrates very well the change that Salesforce generates in people and companies. Misa worked for the multinational Groupon, where he had his first approach to Salesforce’s tools. In fact, after that, Just Eat contacted him to join their process of implementation of the Salesforce ecosystem inside their projects. At the present time, José Manuel Misa has his own service of specialized professionals who implement and manage Salesforce solutions, and they are also an official partner.

Besides, Misa is an example of tenacity, because he didn’t leave his home town of Seville despite of having job offers all around the country. However, his own company Tribooo Cloud has projects that take Misa all over Spain (Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga…) and everything without him even moving from his desk.

Please tell us, José Manuel, when was the first time you heard about Salesforce?

The first time I got in contact with the Salesforce world was back in 2010, when I started working at Groupon.

Tell us about why you decided to get deepen you knowledge in Salesforce. Besides, what things motivated you to do so?

I decided to learn more about Salesforce when I changed jobs. From Groupon I went to Just Eat. They had decided to work with Salesforce and I was one of the few professionals of the matter in Spain. Then it was when I started thinking about getting a certification in Salesforce, because I helped in these tools’ landing at Just Eat and that help was especially important for my co-workers.

What does it mean for you to be part of the Salesforce community?

I take great pride in being a part of the Salesforce community. I try to help as much as I can everyone that asks me advice and help, from a technical level, but also to newcomers that get interested and want to learn about the first steps.

How do you employ Salesforce in your work?

Salesforce is constantly present in my daily office hours. On one hand, I use it to learn about the state of different negotiations, or to know the situation of the different projects we’re currently in. Furthermore, we use Salesforce to measure KPIs and commercial objectives, client satisfaction and many other inputs of needed information for our job.

I take great pride in being a part of the Salesforce community

How does Salesforce fit in your daily work?

Likewise, since the beginning of the day I’m working with Salesforce. For instance, when I connect to the Salesforce calendar through my smartphone, which I now use as my private calendar where I constantly add all the events that I’m going to attend, as well as other kinds of reminders.

Why would you recommend someone to begin a training course in Salesforce?

Mainly because Salesforce is a technology that helps a lot of companies. Additionally, it has a very high employment rate for professionals. It is a technology that is constantly updated, which also requires you to keep on training and learning, instead of settling down in a comfort zone. I always say that in constant construction: I try to learn from new functionalities that appeared in the last release, or maybe I try to get the new certification on the market. You will always have something new to learn with Salesforce.

Join us on the path to mastering Salesforce


Join us on the path to mastering Salesforce

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Which opportunities do you think your knowledge on Salesforce brought for you?

Of course, it has opened me the doors of a new future, a different one. It took me where human resources companies can’t reach because, in my case, I was stuck in other area. So Salesforce helped me appear in their radar. Therefore, I could make my own path ever since I started working in Seville. Salesforce has demonstrated me that if you have perseverance, enthusiasm and a strong will, everything is within your grasp. Adding this knowledge on Salesforce offered me an extra.

Why would you consider it essential to train in the Salesforce technology?

To be fair I think training in Salesforce is one of the best investments someone could do in our market sector. There is a very high percentage of demand for those profiles, experts in Salesforce, and it is not only in our country, but internationally too. To train and see, through the eyes of certified professionals, that you are achieving that “extra mile” is a great plus. It is possible to go way beyond than if you train yourself on your own. The help from those professionals matters very much.

What piece of advice would you give someone interested in a Salesforce training course?

Before landing on the Salesforce ecosystem, the most important thing is to get deeply informed. That is what I would tell anyone interested in this platform. After that, Trailhead would be the first step. From there, it can be interesting to attend to some community events and start a voyage of discovery on Salesforce: for example, you can follow some experts’ blogs or their profile’s on Twitter. Once we have a better idea about Salesforce, the most advisable thing would be to have a more specific training, which would later allow us to strengthen our knowledge in order to acquire the solidity required to achieve a certificate.

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