Salesforce aroused inside me a curiosity that turned into a will of change

Eduardo Leiva

Eduardo Leiva

Today we are sharing an interview with an interesting profile for ISDI CRM, who can also shed light on what Salesforce means for him, both on the business side and on the employment side. Eduardo Leiva, Programmer Analyst at Accenture, is a student here at ISDI CRM and represents one of those expert profile who can describe from inside what this ecosystem means.

Leiva has worked for several years for the multinational company Accenture after studying Computer Engineering at the Universidad de Granada. At the same time, Leiva has witnessed, during his professional experience, how older systems and technologies like PowerBuilder and Lotus Domino have paved the way for more modern and competitive CRMs like Salesforce’s case.

Please, Eduardo, tell us about the first time you heard about Salesforce.

The first time I heard about Salesforce was around 3 years and a half ago, because the project I was working for then required a migration from its previous CRM to this ecosystem.

Why did you decide to train yourself in Salesforce? Which were your resasons to do so?

Firstly, it was a matter of “adapt or die”: I was tired of working with previous technologies and I also saw them as something outdated for the near future. It was going to be complicated to make a career with them.

Then I began to have a contact with Salesforce and I discovered its future possibilities.

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What kind of training did you take with us? Did this training meet your expectations?

I took a Lightning Administrator course which helped me solidify concepts and got me prepared for the following certification. To any person interested in studying at ISDI, I would tell them I liked very much the mood that was predominant there. Beyond good vibes, teacher quality is excellent and classes – at least the ones I had – were very enjoyable.

What does it mean for you to be a part of the Salesforce community?

The meaning it has for me – to be a part of this community-, is that you have the possibility of a continuous training and to have the feeling that is permanently bringing new things for my future.

How do you use Salesforce in your work? How does Salesforce play a part in your daily work?

Salesforce is my programming day-to-day tool for undertaking the tasks my clients need. Furthermore, in my daily work, except for the management duties you have to do through the usual channels and platforms, Salesforce is the only tool I use.

When I began to have a contact with Salesforce I discovered its future possibilities

If you had to advise someone to start learning about Salesforce, why should people pick this tool above others?

Certainly the first and most important reasons is the creation of possibilities that Salesforce brings for any professional career. For every person and type of profile. Salesforce opens a lot of doors. 

This is exactly what we wanted to talk with you: what kind of doors do you consider that Salesforce opened for you?

In my personal experience, I think that gathering knowledge in Salesforce helped me to understand incredibly everything about CRMs, and also to become familiar with tools like Veeva. Likewise, other functionalities from the pharmacy sector, among others. 

Why would you consider it essential to take a training course in Salesforce’s tech?

Salesforce environment is, without any doubt, one of the most cutting edge technologies. For the next few years, this ecosystem has the biggest share of future possibilities because of its diverse connections to other environments and the capacity of having all of its functionalities in the Cloud. 

And lastly, what piece of advice would you give someone interested in starting a training in Salesforce?

As a final user it is an intuitive tool with a modern look. If that’s not a big enough reason to recommend learning Salesforce, I would tell them that it could mean a great professional opportunity. If you wish to start a new career around a certain technology, Salesforce can offer a broad range of specializations and possibilities that they won’t regret learning about.

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