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Customer Experience Director | Capgemini

After a decade as client management expert and CRM, Lidia Herrero started the year joining Capgemini as Customer Experience Director and Salesforce CoE Lead for Spain. In a conversation with Jorge Villabona, Managing Director at ISDI CRM Worldwide, she gives us some keys to help us understand why technology is still today at the center of all debates, and even sees its importance reinforced. To understand what is the role that a tool like Salesforce plays in this new reality, in the face of many changes that are urgent and mandatory.

A year to learn, not to forget

In 2020, more than ever, the connection between people and the continuity of productive processes it has had to be guaranteed remotely, with sufficient security and in volumes and at speeds that increased exponentially over the course of a few weeks.

Besides that, this year has had a multiplier effect also on other basic necessity: knowledge. We want to understand how changes impact us in the digital revolution and digital economy eras. To comprehend how strengthen and accelerate the development of an initiative or a process that is already running or ready to initiate. 

The line that binds technological development and business is clear:

Technology is a lever that is going to help accelerate the processes of business transformation of our clients.

This is expressed by Lidia Herrero, in charge of the strategic direction of Customer Experience and who leads the Salesforce center of excellence for Capgemini in Spain.

From there, she checks everyday how her clients wants to shorten the time to market, to speed up the development of new lines and turn into reality, faster and more efficiently, products and services that respond to new necessities, detected in each business area. 

Salesforce, ISDI CRM and Capgemini: objective, vision and platform

When Jorge Villabona asked her about which is the tool that boosts Capgemini, the answer is unequivocal: “Salesforce has broadly shown that it is a clear and flexible technology, meant to help clients in their transformation processes”.  

Herrero thus underlines the need for teams to be trained in the use, implementation and continuous development of the platform, in order to improve the experience of its clients and accelerate the technological and business transformation processes. The ISDI CRM Project, now in its third year of hand in hand work the multinational leading company in CRM and Cloud Computing, training professionals in marketing technologies and also specialists in the Salesforce ecosystem. 

See the full video of the interview


See the full video of the interview


Capgemini stands out as an example of the good results that this strategic partnership is delivering. The objective is to develop a culture of data. And for each of the consulting firm’s clients to be able to generate real value from their data, the starting point is “empowering people and work teams”, Herrero says. She underlines that as the key point which also completes the list of seven guiding principles of the company in order to be a leading organization in insights and the generation of value from Big Data and analytics. 

Continuous and urgent training

Whether in the supply chain, in financial control, in purchasing planning, when planning marketing campaigns or in any other department of the company, the objective is to train each of its employees to face decision making with the greatest possible confidence, having extracted all possible knowledge from the data generated in each of the processes and daily actions. For this, Capgemini supports and works with Salesforce, with a direct reach of more than four thousand people only in its Center of Excellence in Europe.

“We realized that is required to have plans of innovation attached to the world of education”, says Lidia Herrero, before pointing to ISDI CRM as the best possible support to optimize plans and speed up times, offering a complete training experience for her teams in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Herrero details how working with a specialized partner, with the same global vision, has also made it possible to meet the unexpected needs: “For example, given the needs we have had in the world of commerce, this year we have been organizing a series of training programs with ISDI CRM, so that our work teams can help our clients to accelerate these requests, in order to improve all their online channels”.

The creation of opportunities also gets focused on the generation of new occupations. From the monitoring and optimization of processes, ISDI CRM helps to detect which new roles and profiles are necessary and respond to the type of expertise that, from the clients, is being claimed. Being proficient and deepening in an ecosystem of innovation and training thus allows to transcend age or gender barriers. In Villabona’s words, “it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the last fifteen years. You can reinvent yourself almost every five or ten”.

Flexibility, precision and confidence

In recent months, while the health situation imposed unexpectedly long periods of confinement, the digital platforms and online resources of ISDI CRM, based on Salesforce, made it possible to take advantage of this time to accelerate the programmed training processes and adapt them to the new circumstances and emergencies that were arising. This fact allowed Capgemini’s teams to get ready to respond in a precise way, not only to their clients’ usual requirements, but also to the new ones that were arising with the new situation.

Administration Essentials for New Admins


Administration Essentials for New Admins

Learn more

ISDI CRM is the only official training partner in Spain and it adds up a specific knowledge of the sector, and hands-on workshops about agile methodologies and project management, to the official training certified by Salesforce. Salesforce and ISDI CRM make it possible to provide effective and immediate solutions, and to quickly and reliably align professional profiles in permanent renewal, with the business needs of the present and the future.

To respond to the speed with which changes are occurring today, a flexible and reliable training and innovation system is necessary. This is what ISDI CRM offers and what Capgemini has been able to take advantage of, leading the technological innovation processes of its clients, even in times as demanding as those we have experienced so far in 2020.

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