Let’s talk about Einstein

Let’s talk about Einstein

It’s no mystery that data is at the core of today’s challenges – and opportunities – faced by organizations. Data is everywhere – generated at every step of the customer journey and all over the business lifecycle – and organizations are actively looking to utilize this data effectively.

Customers believe they have a relationship with companies. They think companies should recognize them. The experience should be mutually beneficial and therefore designed with them in mind.  If the company collects customers’ personal data, they should use all that data to understand them before interacting with them.

In short, companies that unify data to deliver insights and create exceptional customer experiences will place themselves apart from the competition. 

So once organizations have all the data in their CRM, they must use it and be interpret them most effectively to increase customer satisfaction and grow their business.

How does Salesforce Einstein answer to nowadays challenges?

Salesforce has begun on a journey of being the first CRM to bring the power of artificial intelligence to every user. Salesforce presented us Einstein AI at Dreamforce 2016, and at that moment, Einstein’s AI capabilities mainly focused on Sales Cloud and sales team needs.

Today, Salesforce Einstein has grown and has more than 40 features embedded through Salesforce Cloud solutions, from Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, E-commerce, Community Cloud to Marketing Cloud. Salesforce put AI into their platform’s core to learn from all sorts of data – empowering everyone to discover insights, predict outcomes, recommend next steps, and automate tasks.  Einstein is the only comprehensive AI for CRM. It is data-ready, modeling ready, and production-ready.

With Einstein, it’s now possible for companies to unify customer data across all departments, gain a holistic 360-degree view of customers, and unlock insights that power their business strategies and essential experiences across channels. Customer Insights is the only self-service solution that enriches customer data, and lets organizations maintain full control over customer data security, governance, and compliance. 

“Einstein has transformed how we do business. Our sales reps have insights at their fingertips, and we have seen a 20% increase in win rate.” SARA NATALI | SENIOR DATA SCIENTIST, UNIVEST – (salesforce.com)

Even though AI implies complexity, Einstein AI is designed to be simple and easy to use. Now more than ever, customer data holds the key to providing a superior customer experience across all platforms and devices. Responding to the customer’s high expectations and exploring that data is the primary goal of Einstein AI when delivering a customized customer experience. 

“AI also had an immediate impact on the business, increasing the accuracy of our June cash receivables forecast by nearly two-and-a-half times.” FELISA PALAGI | CEO, INTERNET CREATIONS – (salesforce.com)

Demo – Einstein analytics


Demo – Einstein analytics


Einstein AI’s tools and products:

Depending on your customer’s industry and their goals, Einstein AI tools can fit in different ways. 

Sales Cloud Einstein automates data entry and predictive analysis to help organizations achieve their sales goals and improve their strategy.

Service Cloud Einstein improves your customer service level.  It makes customers happier and makes agents more productive with AI-powered predictions, recommendations, and chatbots on digital channels.

Marketing Cloud Einstein uses powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to understand organization customer engagement and behavior to personalize every interaction. It provides insights and data to inform the content and timing of your marketing activities.

Commerce Cloud Einstein creates the perfect trading experience your customers expect. Improve the shopping experience, increase sales, and reduce conversion rates with Commerce Cloud.

Community Cloud Einstein adds AI’s power to bring up personalized feeds on Chatter, show unanswered questions, and recommend articles, experts, and topics.

Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics) allows your Salesforce CRM users with actionable insights and AI-driven analytics. Using all the internal data from different Salesforce Cloud, Tableau CRM gives you the possibility to transform and unify your CRM data with external data from third sources – using native connectors. 

Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience


Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience

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