A quick introduction to social studio

A quick introduction to social studio

Whenever we talk about Salesforce we immediately think of platforms such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, or Commerce Cloud. We probably relate it as well to solutions for CRM, analytics, integrations, and apps, or to communities as Trailblazer or Partners.

Yet, social media doesn’t seem to come to our minds straight away when we hear the word ‘Salesforce’. And that’s a shame because there’s an amazing tool that has been helping organizations of all sizes and industries since long ago to manage their social media channels, as well as to engage and listen to their social customers (and non-customers) in a way that very few can.

Yes, we’re talking about Salesforce Social Studio.

Social Studio is Salesforce’s solution for listening, engaging, and publishing across the most popular social media networks on the planet—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google My Business, and Sina Weibo, to be precise. With Social Studio, it is possible to monitor what fans, followers, industries, and even competitors are saying regarding the things that matter to our business, our products, our services, and our stakeholders.

Social media management is a must, not an option. After all, social media represents a third of all time spent online.



However, the amount of data, interactions, content, tweets, and likes that gets generated through social media on a daily basis can be overwhelming, so trying to control the whole of this manually or with the use of separate tools has proved to be incredibly difficult.

Social Studio solves this problem by offering a one-stop solution from where we can run, schedule, create, and track posts organised by regions, products, brands, or multiple teams. Additionally, we can analyze trends, measure keywords performance, and generate new ideas. In other words, Social Studio enables us to have our own social media operations centre.

Demo – Marketing Cloud Social Studio


Demo – Marketing Cloud Social Studio


But why would we want to have something like this?

Feedback on social media never stops. It literally happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year—and is not going to change. Therefore, being able to act on it in real-time is key if we want to offer a great customer experience to both our customers and our followers. Organizations that provide customer service via social media channels have the unique opportunity to respond as soon as they receive an enquiry, assess its severity, and handle it efficiently. Not only that, if the comments happen to be negative, then it is absolutely crucial to tackle the issue quickly and responsibly. Bad feedback spreads faster than fire, and it’s just as hard to stop it.

In contrast, positive feedback generates word-of-mouth. And recommendations generate ROI.

And this is only from a customer service point of view, but there are tons of extra benefits too. For example, converting leads into opportunities, and opportunities into sales. A solid social media program should allow us to spot potential buyers who are looking for products/services similar to ours, identify them, and instantly make a connection. Or what if we could get in touch with someone who is clearly unhappy with one of our competitors? Proactiveness here it’s what would set us apart.

The best thing is, we may already have a good bunch of future customers right in front of us.

Plenty of people follow brands on social media they have never bought from, but they do it because they might love their posts, their products, what other users say, etc. So, by using a listening tool (such as that of Social Studio) we can keep an eye on those ones who for some reason haven’t purchased from us but still interact with us nevertheless. Like in numerous situations in life, communication is perhaps the most important element of a relationship.

There are so many use cases and examples of how Salesforce Social Studio can help us with our social media efforts that we would need a whole conversation to go through them.

So, guess what? We’re actually running a webinar on Social Studio on August 4th, and it’d be great if you could join us. We will have an interactive session focused on the platform, the role it plays within the Salesforce ecosystem, social media best practices, and we will even show a quick demo in case you haven’t seen it live (or recently).

You can click here to register.

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